Virtual Services

Virtual Church Services
Virtual services have become a regular part of the week for many families so even as the building has reopened, we continue to livestream the worship and word! Join with us on Facebook (you can even watch without a Facebook account) or on YouTube for the service.  

Visit our Facebook page  Visit our YouTube channel!

Share the Message!
Tag your photos with #TogetherInOFH so we can all see them! If you watch on Facebook, we encourage you to start a watch party. It's a great way to reach out to your friends with a word of hope in this difficult time. (It's simple to start a Watch Party - from the Facebook video you're watching, click Share at the bottom, then click Start a Watch Party.)

With Vanco's GivePlus+ app, you can quickly and easily give to Our Father’s House – once or recurring. GivePlus+ is safe, secure, and free to use. Download from the app store or Google Play. You can also use GivePlus+ via text: 833-948-2150.

Contacting Us
If you have prophetic inputs or prayer requests during the service, you can send an email to or text to 301-284-8637.

If you need help accessing the service, please text 240-317-4853. Several members of the OFH Tech Council will be standing by to assist you.

OFH Outdoor Service Details: 
Making your safety a priority

Weather occasionally allows us to hold our service outdoors on the campus. These opportunities are advertised in advance and have a similar set of rules to our indoor services. Read on! 

Want to stay distanced, but still hear what’s going on? We have a micro radio station set up for your convenience. Dial your car stereo to 88.3 FM to listen live.


To welcome every level of comfort, OFH meetings are currently touch-free environments. Please smile, wave, and verbally greet one another, but please do not engage in physical contact such as handshaking, elbow bumping, and hugging.


We ask all members to wear masks when moving about, choosing a seat, greeting one another, and worshiping. Masks are optional once socially distanced and seated.


Fellowship and sit in your group at least six feet from other groups or individuals.


OFH restroom facilities are available and are regularly cleaned during the meeting. Entrance will be limited, so please honor the attendant’s instructions.


COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Infected people have had a wide range of symptoms reported – from mild symptoms to severe illness. If you suspect you might be ill in any way, please don’t mingle. We welcome you to listen via radio.

Use the GivePlus App, text 833-948-2150, or visit


Text 301-284-8637 or email