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"After 20+ years of marriage, 4 kids, 13 moves, and near exhaustion from tirelessly working job after job, my husband and I had a huge argument one evening.  During the fight it was exposed that we were $17k in debt on a credit card.  We knew we were in real trouble and that our separate financial lives were causing harm in other areas and were threatening our marriage.  We felt like complete failures and knew it wasn't because we didn't make enough money.  God had been faithfully providing--we just weren't managing well.  

The only glimmer of hope we knew at the time was that there were two young couples in our community who were living life differently, and they were inviting people to join their Financial Peace University (FPU) class.  So we decided to join and hear what they had to share--never could we have imagined how our lives would begin to change from that day forward!  (Oh, and by the way, it didn't take long for us to realize that we weren't $17k in debt--rather we were $98k in debt!)  I won't lie; the infamous Ramsey "baby steps" are not easy.  But they work, and the FPU community is a great source of daily encouragement. Eventually the years began to pass, momentum built and the burden from our debt fell away.

Today the $98k is paid off, and we are on baby steps 4 & 6.  We are now able to think and dream of the future and of generations to come.  You can do the same; it simply begins with purposely and humbling following a proven plan for financial victory."

Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! In Financial Peace University you’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future.

Interested? Sign up for the virtual class Kim Kooy will be coordinating at The class is $129.99 plus tax and will be limited to 10-15 attendees. The class begins Thursday, September 17, 2020 and runs through November 12, 2020.

You are invited to an outdoor “Celebration of Love” for Pastor Lanny & Patti from 1- 5 PM on Sunday, October 4th.

We look forward to a great time of fellowship with an outpouring of love and gratitude. The celebration will be held around the large pavilion at Dorsey Park, 24275 Hollywood Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650. Please bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and a meal for your family. The park has a new, large playground complex for your children to enjoy.

Lanny’s years of pastoral ministry have deeply impacted us all. We will share words of love and appreciation. For those wishing to speak, please send your comments in advance to by October 1st. In order to give everyone enough time to share, please keep your comments to 5 minutes or less. 

We will provide an opportunity a bit later in the year for those wishing to submit comments, but not speak them publicly. Please keep an eye out! 

CareNet has created their first ever VIRTUAL Un-Banquet, if you will.

It’ll be live on September 10th at 6:30 pm. The Keynote Speaker, Melissa Ohden, is the survivor of a failed saline abortion, and her testimony is a powerful redemption story. We know you will be blessed in hearing it.

Ezra 10:4 is our guiding verse for our Arise UnBanquet...we believe the matter of saving the lives of the innocent is in OUR hands and we were made for a time such as this.

Will you continue to walk with us as we do so?

The link to Livestream our event is:

You can also encourage your congregants to watch on our Friends of Care Net SoMD Facebook Stream on our page.

Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and support!