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Audio / Video Team

Each of our multiple worship teams is paired with an audio tech and a visual media tech who work with the worship team to excellently present the message and the music each morning. In this regular pairing, the techs really become part of "their" worship team, flowing in the Spirit, and more effectively supporting the direction taken by the worship team leader and our pastors. Our goal is to “get out of the way” – to make sure the congregation's focus remains on our Father and not on the technical details.

In addition to live sound and visual support, we also record all the sermons and make them available online.

If you are interested in sharing your passion or skills in Audio/Video with Our Father's House, then we would love to speak with you. And if you’re interested in getting involved but you don’t have any experience, don’t worry; we can train you and pair you up with an experienced tech. Just stop by the sound room after the service ends, and chat with any of the sound or visual media techs, and they’ll direct you to the A/V team leader.

We hope to stream live video someday, so if you have any skills in this area, let us know about it! Also, we use video and image backgrounds for our worship music. If you have electronic visual arts skills (Photoshop or Adobe Premier, for example), we'd love to incorporate fresh visuals to support the worship music.

For more information, contact the Church Office at