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Service Groups

Congregational Care    Prayer Group   Red Carpet Team    Web Team
 We share the love of Jesus through works of care and compassion by providing
practical assistance through acts of service such as meal preparation, cleaning, child care, transportation, and help with chores for those in need.

 Prayer requests are handled prudently and shared with only those committed to support the needs of the body through
 Our Red Carpet Team brings their best to everything they do, and they have a positive impact on your experience every Sunday morning.
 The Web Team is responsible for everything related to the Our Father's House website and our social media. 


Marketing Team   Audio / Video Team  
 The Marketing Team creates all our beautiful digital and printed media for our Events, Announcements, and other special activities.
Our Audio/Video Team is a group of committed people who make our Sunday mornings
 run smoothly by ensuring the best sound quality, visual imagery, and video recording.