Financial Testimonies

If you would like to share your testimony about God's faithfulness through tough economic times, please contact the church office at

Testimony 1

My husband left me and I was living at home with my parents when my son was born in 1981.  

Early in 1990 I committed to donate to the church building fund (starting with $10). Several months later, I went on a personal retreat to find God’s direction for my life. Sunday, on the way home, I had to pull to the side of the road because I was crying so hard.  I wanted a place of my own. On Monday, I started calling around to low income housing units to put my name on the waiting lists. The average wait time was 1 year.  On Wednesday, for the first and only time, I took my son to the weekly picnic we use to hold here during the summer.  While there, I overheard one of the ladies talking about a project she was just approved for. The opportunity was to build your own home, in community. After asking her some questions about it, she said that 3 families failed to meet the requirements.  She gave me the contact information. I called the number and had an appointment Thursday afternoon. Friday afternoon I received the call that I was approved for the program.

I asked on Sunday – I was approved on Friday. We started building a couple of months later. It took us 10 months to build 9 houses and I moved into my home in 1991. God answered my prayer and provided me with a home.

Testimony 2

Unexpected circumstances forced the acceptance of a job that was previously declined due to the work hours and schedules. The HR office processed the job application without consent and notified the upper level management of transfer. HR’s unprofessional action caused considerable distress. On February 3rd (Celebration Sunday) the Lord provided a comforting mental image.

The image is that of a desert – hot, dry, and barren. The sand stretches as far as can be seen. The mission is to cross this desert. The distance, time, course, and destination are unknown. There are no provisions of food, water, clothing, or shelter. Yet, the Lord himself is standing a distance off and is clearly seen. Nothing is spoken, but his arm and hand are outstretched. He motions to come towards him.

It is clear that the Lord is the compass and provider. Crossing this arid and barren region will be no easy task. It is essential to keep eyes firmly affixed on the Lord and look neither behind nor to the left or right.

Testimony 3

We both came from backgrounds where money was one of the things there was never enough of, or at least that was the perception. Neither of us were taught how to handle money and basically followed the example we saw of allowing our money to manage us – rather than managing our money.

When we married we did what we felt every young couple does – if we needed/wanted something we bought it. If we couldn't afford it we bought it anyway and just “charged it” or borrowed to get it. We were never super extravagant or anything but we deserved to have decent things. One of the things we noticed though is that every time we got close to getting “caught up” or ahead something would happen to hold us back. Either the car broke down, one of us got sick or one of the other multitude of things that creep in would hit us. The next thing you know, instead of catching up or moving forward we would get knocked back and fall farther behind.

When the first Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) closure hit the area back around 1995 I had gone into part time business with a close friend. We were doing pretty good and made the decision to open a storefront and go full time. It never really occurred to me to consider the mountain of debt we already had when making this decision. There were months where we didn't even pay ourselves enough to buy food for the month, much less pay anything on the debt we had. By the time I left the business a year later we had almost lost our house, had destroyed our credit and were considering bankruptcy.

We realized that there was a problem and that the problem was us. We had attended the Crown Financial class and knew God had a plan for our finances but had no practical understanding of what to do. We needed help. A friend told us of the Financial Peace University class they had launched at their church and that it provided practical steps on getting your finances in order and managing your money. We ate up the information and for the first time in our marriage had confidence that there was hope for our financial future.

I won’t say that we've perfectly followed every step in the plan, but we have implemented much of it into our lives and it has made a tremendous difference. Our debt is significantly paid down and controllable, and we hope to accelerate our payments and have it paid off in the near future. For the most part we've had an emergency fund in place to handle the unforeseen issues that arise. But most of all we've had a sense of peace and are far more open in communicating about our finances.

I highly recommend the Financial Peace University class and have even encouraged my kids to attend. You will receive the tools you need to gain control over your finances, instead of allowing them to control you.