Celebration of Ministries

Our Dear Distant Friends and Beloved Our Father’s House Adherents,


A lot has changed since you received the Save the Date celebration announcement a year ago. The COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live now and into the unexplored future. Health concerns are real for many of us.


The relaxing of restrictions and then the renewed restrictions and the resurgence of cases in several states require us to reconsider any celebration. Many of my out of state companions of the heart are no longer free to travel. Two of our three speakers have forwarded me their sincere regrets. I would never want us to choose between health and a banquet. Always, your safety is paramount in my thinking. To that end, we are postponing the Celebration of Ministries indefinitely.


We will mail your full refund, including fees, to those of you who paid online. The checks that were sent by mail were never deposited. Please let the office know (301-862-9200) if you want your check returned. Otherwise, we will shred them all by August 7th.


We will reengage the opportunity to celebrate what the Lord has done for us in these last four decades when we perceive it is safe for us to assemble and enjoy one another.


Patti and I wish your continued health and safety through these turbulent and uncommon times.


From our hearts to yours, you are loved.


Lanny and Patti