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Worship Ministry Auditions

Listed below are the basic guidelines for team leaders and members of the OFH Worship Ministry.  These standards are to be viewed and handled within the context of God’s grace which is at work both in us and among us.  If you are interested in serving with us please assess yourself in light of these standards before approaching a leader.  It is the role of the team leader and ultimately the ministry lead to reach conclusions and recommendations concerning potential candidates. 

Spiritual and Natural Maturity
Members should be followers of Christ.  There should be evidence of growth and the continued work of the Holy Spirit in a candidate’s life.   Does the candidate practice the habits of a disciple? Do they work well with others within the team context? 

Connection with the Local Body
A ministry member’s church attendance should be on the better side of 50%.  They need to be connected through relationship with other OFH people (this is a most obvious demonstration of commitment). We serve a local body by providing an opportunity for God’s sons and daughters to gather together in corporate worship. 

Reliability, Availability and Compatibility
Whether a person is a master musician or can sing like an angel, team members need to be punctual and coming to practice prepared. We need to be able to count on each other.  The ministry needs people who know how to blend both musically and socially. Play together, live together, and serve together.

Not being consistent in these areas is perhaps an indication that this is not yet the time for an individual to be involved in ministry. 

Commitment and Skill
Musicians and singers need to be committed to their craft – always improving and seeking excellence.  This area is only a problem when we allow it to supplant our primary purpose. We want to worship God but we want to sound good doing it.  We need to know if a candidate can read a lead sheet, chord chart, carry a tune, sing a harmony part, blend their voice, or produce a characteristic tone quality. 

Audition Process
Auditions should take about ten minutes.  Contact the ministry lead to set up an audition. If you're not sure who to contact, please email the church office for direction.


1. Bring a prepared song of your choice.  Bring your accompaniment on CD in .mp3 format. Do not bring an original song that you have written.  You won’t be expected to sing the entire song.

2. Be prepared to sing the chorus to “How Great Thou Art” and the verse and chorus from “Draw Me Close”.  Sopranos-G, Alto-F, Tenors-C

3. You may be asked to sing a simple harmony part to a hymn melody. First you'll sing one you create and then one that's played for you.  Backup vocalists should be able to reproduce prior learned harmony parts consistently.   


1. Bring a prepared song of your choice that demonstrates your strengths as a player.

  • Drummers should bring a track to play along with. You will be expected to perform steady beat patterns in the basic meter signatures.

2. Play diatonic chords such as major and minor using different inversions/shapes in keys up to four sharps or flats.

3. Play an accompaniment part using a chord sheet or lead-sheet to “How Great is Our God” and “Mighty to Save”. 

4. Play suspended and add chords using 2nds, 4ths, and 9ths.

5. Play basic seventh chords:  GMaj7, Abm7, etc. . . .

6. Electric guitarists should be able to solo over I-IV-V- blues and I-VI-IV-V progressions.